Classification and Valuation
of Merchandise

Are you using the correct harmonized tariff codes for your products?

Import Classification

Did you know that the tariff code determines the duty rate of your imported good?

Whether you are manufacturing, importing, or exporting, proper tariff classification is an essential part of international trade compliance. Tariff codes are used to determine duty rates and the specific Rule of Origin used to qualify goods for Free Trade Agreements. Incorrect tariff classification can have a direct negative impact on other areas of your company’s trade compliance.

Copper Hill will determine and provide the proper tariff classification and duty rates for your products. We work with your supply chain contacts and/or part blueprints and drawings to obtain information needed on your products to secure the proper tariff classification. Copper Hill will house your products and classifications in a database that allows us to provide the information directly to your Customs Broker.

Valuation of Merchandise

Did you know there are 6 different approved methods to determine Customs Value? Is your company using the recommended appraisement method to determine the value of your goods?

Customs valuation is the procedure used for determining the value of imported goods into the United States. Incorrect declaration of value can lead to fines and penalties as well as increased duty. It is the responsibility of the Importer of Record to use reasonable care to value the goods and provide any other information necessary to enable Customs and Border Protection to properly assess duties, collect accurate statistics, and determine whether all other applicable legal requirements are met.

Copper Hill will review your current valuation methodology and determine if the correct method is being used for your company or if it would be beneficial to utilize another approved method. Our team will work with your existing valuation data and compare it to your entry data to ensure correct values were reported to CBP. If incorrect values are found, we will file value reconciliation on your behalf.

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