Your Partner in Achieving a High Standard in Customs Compliance

Origin Determination for Free Trade Agreements such as NAFTA

Is your company maximizing its FTA potential? Are you declaring the correct origin on your goods in order to qualify for FTAs and avoid duties?

Solicitation of Suppliers for Free Trade Related Documents

Are you obtaining all required documentation from your suppliers? Would you be able to provide backup documentation in the event of a Customs audit? Is your supplier documentation being audited in accordance with the applicable Rule of Origin?

Harmonized Tariff Classification

Are you using the correct harmonized tariff codes for your products? Did you know that the tariff code determines the duty rate of your imported good?

Audit Support

Did you receive a questionnaire from Customs inquiring about your importing practices? Have you been notified that your company will be audited?


Have you signed up for Value or NAFTA reconciliation? If not, are you curious how it would benefit your company?

Post Entry and NAFTA Refunds

Is your company paying unnecessary duties? Do you have a process in place to identify duty that can be refunded or avoided?


Did you know there are 6 different approved methods to determine Customs Value? Is your company using the recommended appraisement method to determine the value of your goods?


Are you taking advantage of all the benefits of being C-TPAT certified? Do your customers have supply chain security requirements?

Origin Determination for Marking Purposes

Are your products subject to marking requirements? Does your quality rating with customers depend upon declaring proper marking requirements and documentation?

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RT @GlobalTradeNews: (3/3) And how to think about them in relation to their own #manufacturing process so that they are answering compliantly. @CieckoJenae #ICPA

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RT @GlobalTradeNews: (2/3) But you can definitely provide them w/ education and coaching on what the fields on the cert mean @CieckoJenae #ICPA

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RT @GlobalTradeNews: (1/3) On managing the #FTA solicitation process: Of course you canโ€™t & shouldnโ€™t tell #suppliers how to fill out a cert. @CieckoJenae #ICPA