Are you in control of your customs brokerage?

Is your customs broker following a standard operating procedure (SOP)?

Did you know that Customs requires that companies importing merchandise exercise reasonable care to enter, classify and determine it’s proper customs value, and to provide any other information necessary to enable Customs to properly assess duties, collect statistics and determine if any other applicable legal requirements have been met. Importers are responsible for maintaining proper supervision and control over their agents to meet the reasonable care standard. Liability for accuracy of Customs entries and payment of proper duties and fees lie with the Importer of Record. Copper Hill will establish a Broker SOP and work with your Brokers on an ongoing basis to assure they have all of the information that they need to file a compliance customs entry/declaration. Copper Hill will monitor Brokers performance against the SOP and identify and implement corrective and/or preventative actions for errors to avoid reoccurrences.

Are import entries being filed accurately?

Partnering with Copper Hill to support the management of your Customs Brokers will facilitate the filing of accurate customs entries and eliminate the risk of fines or penalties.

Post entry monitoring and audits will identify discrepancies and test the accuracy of customs entries to ensure they are in compliance with Customs law and regulations. Ongoing audits and monitoring will identify opportunities for risk and potential duty optimization opportunities. Ongoing opportunity analysis and corrective/preventative actions will assist in facilitating robust internal controls, drive the filing of compliant customs entries, and create transparency and flexibility to optimize duty fee savings and deferral opportunities.

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