Do you have a process in place to identify duty that can be refunded or avoided?

Post Entry and FTA Refunds

Many companies do not have the support and training required to recognize areas where they have paid duty needlessly. Our team will monitor your supply base and imports to minimize potential duties. In instances where duty could not be avoided at time of entry we will work with your suppliers to obtain valid documentation to file claims with Customs.

Copper Hill utilizes a company developed approach to identify unnecessary duty that has already been paid by your company. We will work with your brokers and perform entry audits to determine duty paid that can be recovered.

Unnecessary duties can be avoided or refunded to your company and our staff can develop a specialized program to assist you to save your company money.

FTA & Value Reconciliation

Are you participating in the US Value or FTA (i.e., USMCA, Korus, etc.) reconciliation? If not, are you curious how it would benefit your company?

US Customs and Border Protection allows companies to sign up for Reconciliation for various things such as value, classification, and Free Trade Agreements (i.e.; USMCA, Korus, etc). The experienced staff at Copper Hill is ready to guide you through the reconciliation process from sign up, process design, and actual filing.

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