Free Trade Agreements and Origin Determination

Is your company maximizing its FTA potential?

FTA Qualification

Are you declaring the correct origin on your goods in order to qualify for FTAs and avoid duties?

Interpretation of the Rules of Origin for any Free Trade Agreement can be a difficult task. This is one area of Customs compliance that is often completed in error or without the proper supporting documentation. Copper Hill provides a system that ensures an accurate product origin, which is essential to conforming to any Free Trade Agreement.

Our experienced staff is trained to understand and determine the qualification of goods for all existing Free Trade Agreements. We gather essential information about your Bills of Material, costs and your supply base and build a customized program based on your business needs.

Copper Hill will work with your company to qualify your goods for the various Free Trade Agreements, AALA, CAFÉ, etc. We also may be able to identify additional FTAs that your company may not be taking advantage of currently.

FTA Document Solicitation

Are you obtaining all required documentation from your suppliers? Would you be able to provide backup documentation in the event of a Customs audit? Is your supplier documentation being audited in accordance with the applicable Rule of Origin?

Acquiring valid Customs compliance documentation from your suppliers is necessary for the qualification of your goods. This process can be tedious and time consuming if your company does not have the appropriate resources in place. Copper Hill provides origin verification services, including solicitation of your suppliers for all Free Trade Agreements and other compliance documentation.

Our services include document solicitation for all suppliers and systematic follow up to ensure documents are returned in a timely manner. Our team reviews and performs quality checks on all returned documents to ensure they are completed as required, eliminating the risk of paying back duties with interest or financial penalties in case of a Customs audit. All returned data is processed electronically and used for origin determination and duty savings. Additionally, all documents are imaged and retained in accordance with Customs recordkeeping requirements.

Origin Determination for Marking Purposes

Are your products subject to marking requirements? Does your quality rating with customers depend upon declaring proper marking requirements and documentation?

Origin Determination for Marking Purposes is a requirement under Customs law. It is also frequently a standard requirement set forth by companies to their suppliers. This is often an area overlooked by suppliers that can lead to poor quality ratings with customers and in turn, loss of business and revenue. The experienced staff at Copper Hill will assist you with interpreting the complicated, country-specific marking rules in order to declare the correct country of origin on all of your products.

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